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About JLG Nautical

JLG Nautical is an ecommerce website managed and fulfilled by John Lilley & Gillie Ltd, a company with over 210 years of navigation experience.

Our expertise in the manufacture of the magnetic compass and nautical instrument has served the marine industry worldwide, so we are a name you can trust when purchasing equipment for your nautical needs. Whether you are looking for leisure sailing equipment as a hobbyist, or needing sophistaced navigational systems for large vessels, JLG Nautical can fulfill your needs.

About John Lilley & Gillie

In 1812, John Lilley and Son, nautical instrument, magnetic compass, sextant and telescope manufacturer, was founded in London by a 24 year old optician named John Lilley.

John Wilson Gillie founded Wilson & Gillie, also magnetic compass and nautical instrument makers, in North Shields in 1885. Throughout his career, John Wilson Gillie patented many improvements to the magnetic compass and binnacle.

In 1913 the two successful companies merged, and in 1943 became John Lilley & Gillie Ltd. Now part of Zollner Group marine business division, we focus on equipment development and manufacturing.

We are proud to provide high quality, cost effective electronic and navigation equipment internationally from our head office in North Shields and factory in Birmingham in the UK. We also have representatives in Singapore and the USA.

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Nautical Equipment and Compass Adjustment

We are a recognised global leader in the world of nautical equipment and servicing, with our UK base of operations home to our qualified MCA compass adjusters. From here, John Lilley & Gillie work closely with the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) in training and certification of new compass adjusters.

Our adjusters are also long-standing members of the Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association (CNITA). They sit on the CNITA Compass Adjusters Certification panel that reviews and verifies the deviation cards of new trainee compass adjusters before they are able to enrol for the MCA examinations.

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